Monday 3 December 2018

'Twas the Eve Before Press Night...

'Twas the Eve Before Press Night
By Rachel Osborne (Marketing and Education Officer)

‘Twas the eve before press night, and all through the Arts,
Impatience was building for gala to start.

The cast were all nestled, asleep in their beds,
Whilst echoes of boos and cheers chimed in their heads;
Aladdin dreamt deeply of winning his prize,
Our beautiful princess -a sight for sore eyes!
The Genie sang sadly whilst squashed in his lamp,
Wishing that someone would help cure his cramp.
Dame Twankey, of course, snored as loud as a pig,
(Not quite so elegant out of her wig);
The baddie was plotting alone in his cave,
Determin’d to render the good guys his slaves.

The invites were sent, and the dresses long order’d,
Smart suits were hung up with press’d shirts freshly launder’d.
The tickets were printed and ready for guests,
For an evening of magic and glitter and jest;
The bars were well stocked, and the nibbles were sorted,
It was time that the audience came and cavorted.

So all left the Theatre and said cheerio,
And headed on home with a Christmassy glow;
For tomorrow was gala, the night of the year,
A night full of laughter and pantomime cheer.