Auditorium foyer with wooden panels and lighting along the edges

Bag and Cloakroom Policy

Important information for your visit

For the safety of all our audience, the following items cannot be taken into the auditorium: 

Rucksacks or backpacks in any form and of any size (including children's rucksacks, handbags that can be worn as backpacks), bags larger than 25cm x 35cm, shopping bags, larger items such as holdalls / suitcases and umbrellas longer than 25cm. 

Following independent safety experts’ advice and due to the width and layout of the rows in the auditorium, Cambridge Arts Theatre does not permit certain bag types into the auditorium. General criteria are listed above, but other items may also not be permitted, and this will be at the absolute discretion of the Front of House Staff whose primary role is to keep everyone safe. During Evacuation drills, this policy has dramatically reduced evacuation times and prevents trip hazards.

Please remember that the inconvenience of a few will help ensure the safety of the many. 

We strongly urge you to leave all bags at home or in your car, where it is practical. If you do need to bring them to the Theatre you will be asked to check them in to the complimentary cloakroom which is situated on the first floor (please ask any member of staff if you need directions or assistance). In certain circumstances, and if required please ask, we will offer “valet cloakroom services” and take and deposit your bag in the cloakroom for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

•    Why was I not told about this policy before I arrived at the Theatre?
Every customer is told about the policy when they buy a ticket whether this on the website, on the phone or in person. It is a policy which we have had in place since 2017 and the audience is reminded of it on every ticket. However, we will do everything we can to make the experience of complying to it as painless as possible.

•    My fashion rucksack handbag is much smaller than the size dimensions given, can I take it in?
Due to the nature of the straps on a rucksack and the trip hazard these create, I’m afraid the policy is that no rucksacks of any size or design are permitted in the auditorium and must be checked into the complimentary cloakroom.

•    Is my child’s small novelty rucksack allowed? She is only five and will be distraught to be apart from it.
We are sorry but the age of the owner of the rucksack does not make a difference to the safety aspects and the policy still applies.

•    I carry my necessary medicines in my bag so I need to take it in, can I?
Medicines can be taken into the auditorium; however, if your bag is not suitable, please ask the cloakroom staff and they will give you a suitable bag in which to transfer your medical supplies.

•    My bag is very expensive and contains valuables, surely, I can take it in?
The complimentary cloakroom is attended before the show, during the interval and after the show, it is locked when the show is in progress. While we will endeavour to take good care of your belongings, we, however, would recommend not bringing valuable items to the Theatre.

•    I would find walking to the cloakroom impossible or I simply don’t have time as the show is about to start; what should I do? 
Please let a member of our team know and they will do their best to help you by offering a “valet cloakroom service” whereby they will take your item to the cloakroom for you and give you a ticket to collect it with.

•    Someone in my row has a similar or larger bag, why can’t I take mine in?
Our Front of House team have been trained in all safety aspects including which bags offer the biggest risk; however sometimes the odd item slips through. If you are worried about someone else’s item causing a hazard, please let us know and the Front of House team will reassess the item in question.

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding. This policy is in place to give you all a safer and more enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions ahead of your visit, please get in touch with our Box Office on 01223 503333 or email [email protected].